STRASBOURG (Ciclo Janacek-Carsen): Colmar (eng)


Vec Makropulos drawer…..???

Today free day and I decided to go to Colmar, a very beautiful city with a very interesting museum. I took the train and only in 35 min I’m there. Going to the center, the first thing that I meet was the oldest Europe’s “Carrousel”. Really nice. After that I went to visit the Museum Unterlinden. Very interesting. Located behind the Theatre and in a former monastery, the truth is that the place is superb. There is the famous d’Issemheim Altarpiece, painted byMathis Grünewald or Mathis Gothart Nithart, who was the painter who has inspired to compose Hindemit the oper “Mathis der Mahler”. The Museum consists of a mixture of styles a bit strange but many of the pieces that you will find there very are interesting. Naturally it is focused on Alsace and its artists. I decide to make the visit quite quick in order to have time to see the rest of the city and not to die, because I worked yesterday and I’m very tired. There is too the Toy Museum that I did not see, but looks great.

Colmar is a pleasant city typical Alsatian where you can walk in the streets and carried away by your taste. I put a few pictures of the place. I was asked to be in the videos and pictures. I’m thinking … I’m shy… ;).

By the way, and before the end, today my agent sais to me that I have had a great critic in the Frankfurter Allgemeine. I’m excited!

Best wishes!


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