MALLORCA (Winterreise): Impressions….

It was during my student days and before to go to study the Künstlerishe Ausbildung (Music Master) in Germany, when I had made my first contact with this masterpiece. Together with Ulrich Eisenlohr, I went inside and deep in the music, and it was with Dalton Baldwin that I had the first opportunity to sing in recital in 2001.

It is a very complex world of feelings, hard to perform and difficult to design in your mind. I remember ten years ago when I suggested to a Spanish artistic director to schedule a recital with this program at her concert hall, her answer was: are you not very daring? And of course, she was not dare scheduling it. After that I made a tour of 10 concerts with a great success in Spain and Japan. After it comes “Die Schöne Müllerin” and “Schwanengesang.” A life project realized. To spend 3 years of your life studying a piece and to find in front of you this kind of cultural managers doesn’t help very much, but the life makes stronger the desire than the problems and when you work hard for something you will have it!

As my teacher Gerard Souzay said, the feeling of Winterreise is like a butterfly flying around the bulb but she can never reach the center of it. After a few years, to come back to the piece has been wonderful and rewarding. The feelings have matured, the voice is developed and the expression’s deep are increased. The identification with some of feelings is more present and it helps the public to have a deeper journey with you. I encourage all of you to know, listen and enjoy this life’s testament of Schubert.

As a gift I leave to you the interview I did at Ona Mallorca about this recital (in Catalan is, sorry). Tell me what do you think about!″


Acerca de Enric

Barítono | Director artístico | Profesor del Master de Gestión cultural de la Univ. Carlos III (Madrid)


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