MALLORCA (Winterreise): SushiClub_eng

Another place that helped me these days to feel at home was the  SushiClub restaurant. Very often with our profession that forces us to stay out of home long periods of time, we need places to feel us like at home. The SushiClub is a very careful place with a beautiful atmosphere and light, where you can enjoy one of the best suhis of the island, with a high spectacular quality. If you want to taste other creative dishes, always with the oriental touch, there you will find it. Really the prices are not the cheapest, but I can promise you that the quality is very high. And if you are interested, you have the take away or catering possibility. Take a look of the dinner that they prepared  to me at my room un the hotel, I repeat you…at my room. It have enjoy it very much!

If you go there, Xisco (the manager) and Toni (an excellent professional waiter) will you offer you what you need in order to feel you at home. I could show you more interesting places like the Vegetarian Restaurant “Bon Lloc“, but if you go to the beginning of the “Ramblas” you will find there many good places to enjoy a beautiful meal.

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