MALLORCA (Winterreise): Convent de la Missió [eng]

Long time ago that I didn’t play the “Winterreise Op.89” by F. Schubert and I could meet again these days with this difficult and wonderful masterpiece as the good memories and experiences that it brings to me. It was in the Teatro Principal in Palma de Mallorca, another happy dejà vú. I decided to celebrate the moment and take care of it in all ways to perform in the best conditions. The result are the next 2 post.

In this one I will introduce you the  “Convent de la Missio ” hotel. A place with 14 rooms, charming, beautiful, architecturally care and they are lovers of art and culture. The staff will make you feel at home and their walls, that were an old convent, will help you to find the tranquility that many times you are looking at hotels and you can not find. Carmen, the director, will be take care of you. There you can taste and enjoy the restaurant “El Refectori” by Fosh (one of the best chefs in Spain), reading or reviewing art books in the reading room, and breakfast with classical music. Do not miss it! it is a beautiful privilege!

And for those of you that are interested in the music, I will make you a present. I leave here for you an  .mp3 with my interpretation of “Gute Nacht” from Winterreise Op.89. I hope that at the finish of the year will appear a CD with this piece and my voice. Enjoy it!″

Next Stop: a wonderful Sushi restaurant!!! Don’t miss it!


Acerca de Enric

Barítono | Director artístico | Profesor del Master de Gestión cultural de la Univ. Carlos III (Madrid)

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