CÓRDOBA (La Boheme)/Typical food antitourist

It is no said that our profession is a bad one. Visiting Córdoba for 15 days and  to sing “La Boheme” (G. Puccini) is a big privileged. I’ve been a few days in the city, yesterday we had the general rehearsal with orchestra and tomorrow de first one performance.
About the city, I will avoid mention to the most famous sites that you can find in all tourist guides and you don’t need me for that. What it will make is give to you practical information in order to survive between the tourist mass that invades the city.

For example, if you want to eat well we have different types of restaurants always far away from the Mezquita, where you can eat cheap but with a very low quality food. We find the same prices walking 10 minutes and with a higher quality. Here there is a list:

* Taberna Salinas:  there are some tourist but not it is not near to the center and you can hold it. Very acclimated to the Andalusian. Acceptable level of food and prices very good. They will give you a Pedro Ximenes at the end of your meal.
* La Cazuela: very close to the last one.  Well, nice, and cheap.

* Taberna San Miguel: Very near the Plaza de las Tendillas
* Taberna La Verdad: Just behind the theater. Popular small, a little oily but all very good.
* Taberna El Juncal: A lovely place to eat very well.

If you go down in front of La Cazuela will arrive to Corredera Square where you can saw a very nice view and you will have several terraces to enjoy the atmosphere.The quality of the food normally is not very accurate. You must value it depending on what you want to do or take.

When we increase the quality and the price you have 2 great sites:

* El Sablón: very close to the theater. There is a tapas bar at the bottom where your visa will not shake a lot, and a restaurant on the top where Visa would prefer not to be entered, but once inside you will see that all have a great quality.

* Bodegas Campos: VERY WELL. Now, I also say that your Visa will complain a little.

* Garum: where you can take the usual tapas in a modern new style and you can mix them with good wines.

On Thursday I’m going to Medina Azahara and Arab Baths. And I will tell you. Do not forget to subscribe to the blog if you are interested. It is more convenient in all senses. A big hug to everyone!!


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